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Maxin India Machinery Manufacturers Successfully Installed RDF waste Secondary shredder Machine at Kalburgi Cement Private Limited Karnataka.

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January 19, 2024
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RDF Waste Shredder
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Maxin India Machinery Manufacturers Successfully Installed RDF waste Secondary shredder Machine at Kalburgi Cement Private Limited Karnataka.About Kalburgi Cement,Kalburgi Cement Private Limited is a 100% owned subsidiary of Vicat Group in India. The company was established in 2008, as a joint venture (Vicat Sagar Cement Pvt. Ltd.) between French cement major, Vicat and Sagar Cements in India.Vicat held 53% stake and subsequently bought 100% stake in 2015. Post-acquisition, it was renamed as Kalburgi Cement Private LimitedKalburgi Cement has a production capacity of over 2.75 MTPA with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located at Chatrasala, in Kalaburagi district of Karnataka. The company markets its products under the brand name of “Bharathi Cement” since 2013 to ensure operational synergies between operating companies of Vicat in India.Bharathi Cement is served primarily for 3 states i.e. Maharashtra, North Karnataka and Telanaga from this location.The total capacity of the plant is being built in 3 phases at Chatrasala and can have a total annual capacity of 8.25 million tones – each phase having a capacity of 2.75 MTPA. The first phase also has a 30MW Captive Power Plant and Waste Heat Recovery System of 8.4MW. To meet the future expansion demands and seamless logistic activities a complete Rail and Road infrastructure is already in place. The first phase of the plant commenced its production on 16 January 2013.Kalburgi Cement plant is built with ultra-modern German and Danish Technology - a unique tech-no-advancement in Indian Cement industry. The Technological selection of equipment’s makes this plant one of the most energy efficient plant.This plant has a world class "Central Control Room” and is designed considering best aesthetics and ergonomics providing a very healthy and lively ambience to ensure and maintain team's high energy level at the plant. The control room also accommodates a Robotic Lab, and a Technical Library at the heart of the plant for close monitoring and efficient operations of plant.This plant is also having a distinguished feature than other cement plants i.e. “Concrete Laboratory”. It helps analyse the performance of cement in concrete so as to help customers to optimise cement usage for their specific construction requirements.Bharathi Cement is the flagship brand of Vicat Operations in India.Vicat, France is the pioneer in cement manufacturing since its invention by Louis Vicat in 1817. The group operates in 11 countries with business interests in Cement, Ready-Mixed Concrete, Concrete Product (Precast) and Aggregates.In 2010, Vicat Group bought 51% majority stake in Bharathi Cement Corporation Private Limited. Bharathi Cement made a mark in the Indian Cement Market by creating a niche for itself in the premium segment. Partnering with Vicat, France led Bharathi Cement reach a strong position in the market and a cement brand to reckon with.Vicat In India operates with 2 cement manufacturing companies with a single brand Bharathi Cement” ensuring operational synergy. The company owns the state-of-the art manufacturing plants in Kadappa and Kalaburagi with a combined production capacity of 7.75 MTPA. With its state-of-the-art processes, committed teams, efficient delivery and a strong distribution network of over 3000 dealers, Bharathi Cement is a leading cement company of the Southern & Central India with headquarters in Hyderabad.We continue the legacy of Louis Vicat with the same dedication, sincerity and hard-work.RDF waste shredder,AFR waste shredder,AFR waste shredder Machine,RDF shredder,Biomass waste shredder,AFR waste shredding Machine,RDF shredding Machine,RDF shredding,RDF crushing,AFR shredding,AFR crushing,MSW shredding,MSW crushing machine,AFR shredder,Dual shaft waste shredder,Dual shaft msw shredder,Dual shaft rdf shredder,Dual shaft AFR shredder,Twin shaft rdf waste shredder,Twin shaft msw shredder,Twin shaft afr shredder,