E-Waste Shredder

material feed with up to two rows of knives guarantees high throughput with low power requirements It can be equipped with hardened steel cutting system and asynchronous shaft control.

Plastic is a multi-purpose material. It is a widely used material today.

What is E-Waste?

Every year, millions of cellphones, computers, and other electronic devices reach the end of their validity. On disposal, these materials become E waste. Cell phones, printed circuit boards, computers, hard drives, video games, electronic chips, computer accessories, electronic components of all kinds, appliances, radios, ink cartridges, office equipment such as printers, copiers, and fax machines, and other items are examples of e-waste.

Maxin India’s equipment is vital in the processing of E waste. Maxin India has a solution for every need, from large material Electronic Waste shredders to fine shredding for processing and sampling using multi-stage shredders.

Types of E waste

Telecommunications and ICT equipment

Mainframes, personal computers (CPU, mouse, screen, keyboard, and so on), laptop computers, printers, networking equipment, scanners, mobile phones, CD / DVD / floppy discs, UPSs, radios, televisions, video cameras, video recorders, Hi-fi recorders, audio amplifiers, and musical instruments

Electronics for the workplace

Photocopiers, electric and electronic typewriters, pocket and desk calculators, facsimile machines, and telephones

Large Home Appliances

Refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, cooking equipment, microwaves, electric heating appliances, electric hot plates, electric radiators, electric fans, air conditioner appliances, exhaust ventilation and conditioning equipment, large appliances for heating beds, rooms, and seating furniture

Small Home Appliances

Vacuum cleaners, carpet sweepers, water dispensers, toasters, fryers, hair-dryers, brushing teeth, shaving, and massage appliances; electric knives, clocks, sewing, knitting, and weaving machines

Industrial Equipments

Turning, milling, sanding, grinding, sawing, slicing, shearing, drilling, punching, folding, bending, or other materials processing equipment gear

Toys, leisure, and sports activities home equipment

video games, computers, other sports activities Equipment, and so forth. electric powered or digital components in sports equipment


Fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lamps, excessive depth discharge lamps, pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, low-stress sodium lamps, and some other lights or gadgets for spreading or controlling mild, except filament bulbs

Healthcare Equipments

Scanners, stethoscopes, radiotherapy equipment, cardiology gadget, dialysis system, pulmonary ventilators, nuclear medicine equipment, laboratory equipment for in-vitro diagnosis, analyzers, and freezers are all examples of Healthcare electrical equipment. Other electric gadgets which are used to discover, prevent, screen, treat, or alleviate illness and damage.

Instruments for monitoring and controlling

Smoke detectors, heating regulators, thermostats, measuring, weighing, or adjusting appliances for use in the home or as laboratory equipment, as well as other monitoring and control instruments used in industrial settings.


Lead, nickel, and cadmium batteries

Why E waste is harmful?

According to Global E waste Monitor, About 53.6 Million Tonnes of E waste were disposed of globally in 2019. The chemicals found in E-waste such as Mercury, lead, cadmium, polybrominated flame retardants, barium, and lithium can cause several damages to the brain, coronary heart, liver, kidney, and Nervous system. When the E waste is not disposed of properly, The chemicals can leak through the earth and can pollute Groundwater. It also degrades the quality of the soil.

Why it is important to recycle E waste?

All the E waste Generated can be recycled. If the E waste is not disposed of properly, it can cause dangerous effects to Environment and Health. Recycling of E-waste reduces the requirement of mining heavy metals and also reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. Recycling of E waste preserves the natural resources of the planet.

How can we recycle E waste safely?

1. Never Dump E waste In The Bin: The first and most important step in E waste management is to ensure that old electronic items such as tube lights, mobile phones, computers, keyboards, headphones, and batteries, to name a few, are never thrown away with the rest of your garbage.

2. Sort Your E waste: You should sort your e-waste at home. Electrical waste can be classified based on its size and toxicity. Heavy (which can include fridges, washing machines, or anything too big to carry to a public disposal center), Hazardous (everything from tube lights to light bulbs, toner cartridges, batteries, monitors, and screens). Anything that contains a chemical component), Non-hazardous (this includes cables, chargers, microwaves, gadgets like laptops and phones).

3. Connect with E waste Recycler.

Luckily, if your business generates large amounts of e-waste, a third-party hauler can likely recycle the electronics for you. Companies such as MaxinIndia assist businesses in disposing of their electronic waste in the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner possible with the help of E waste Shredder. The Electronic Waste Recycling Machine such as PCB shredder plays an important role in E-waste Recycling.

MaxinIndia is the Expert E waste shredder machine manufacturer in India. We offer a wide range of Industrial E waste shredders such as PCB board shredders, Laptop shredders, and the largest E-waste shredders such as car electronics parts shredders which can help process E-waste.

Related Applications

1. E-waste Shredder:

Every year we happen to see millions of computers, mobiles and desktops making their way into landfill sites once their useful life is over. These gadgets once discarded turn out to become e-waste. E waste is an undesirable collection of discarded computers, desktops, printed circuit boards (PCBs), phones, computer accessories and peripherals, video games, electronic chips, hard drives, ink cartridges, radios, appliances, e-components of all types and office equipment including fax machines, copiers, printers and many more.

Disposal of electronic waste (e-waste) is always a complicated process anywhere in the world. Maxin India’s suite of e-waste shredders and systems help dispose, recycle and de-manufacture waste electronics, thereby enabling secure data destruction. Our line of e-waste shredders is designed to efficiently and quickly minimize electronic waste and scrap materials. Designed to be robust and sturdy in construction, our rugged shredders enable effective recycling, protection of invaluable data (through destruction) and handling of huge volumes of wastes. Also, Maxin India shredders minimize e-waste to the required output whilst reducing dusting. Their construction allows for maximum throughput and the reduction of wear and tear through shredding action.

Maxin India plays a major role in e-waste processing. From coarse shredders of large volumes of items to reduction of the pre-processed waste to smaller size and deploying multi-stage shredders, Maxin India’s e-waste shredders are designed to suit industrial requirements and budget.

2. Laptop Shredder:

Ever wondered why anyone would want to destroy a laptop, desktop or hard drive, the answer lies in the threat or even risk of information and data theft. Data theft is a world-wide phenomenon wherein data illegally used can have serious repercussions on the image of a firm or an organization. Stealing classified data of a company is a serious offense. Companies too turn to the last resort of preserving precious data through destroying devices. Though business owners can be at greater risk of the dangers posed when data is shared illegally, the risks can have a multiplier effect if confidential organizational data is stolen or shared inappropriately. With the growth of mobile-enable devices such as smartphones, tablets and related accessories like external hard disk, pendrives, etc., the information can easily end up reaching the wrong hands leading to disastrous results.

The only way to make sure that your organization or firm doesn’t suffer as a result of data leak is to destroy the computer, mobile or any other e-gadget that stores data. In the case of laptops that are widely used owing to its handiness and portability, storing confidential data can be vulnerable when it is shared inappropriately. Just drop your laptop into one of our custom-built shredding machines and guarantee total security of your confidential information and data, making it completely inaccessible.

3. Electronics Scrap Shredder:

Today’s business world depends on computer and mobile enabled devices for most processing applications on account of their efficiency, speed, accuracy and storage capabilities. The hard drive, undoubtedly, is the most important of storage devices. Organizations use plenty of storage equipment including hard drive to store confidential information. Most of the stored information are sensitive shared on an organizational hierarchical level, and if such data is lost to third-party users, it can reduce trust, leading to the loss of new customers, or even existing ones for that matter. Therefore, physically destroying the hard disk is the only secure means to delete all data permanently from the hard drive.

Maxin India’s hard drive shredder is built to perfectly destroy all data contained in hard drive irretrievably. It can completely destroy the hard disk, and shred it into small fragments. In terms of build, it is strong and durable, and capable of withstanding the wear and tear of everyday use, employing only the best construction materials in the market. We are also duly equipped to manufacture custom-built hard drive shredder machines that are based upon the client’s specifications. Are you an organization or company looking to destroy hard disks including desktop/PC /laptop hard drive, hard disk, HDD and disk parts? Do get in touch with us for all your requirements. We’re just a call away.

4. PCB/Green Board Shredder:

Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs or green boards that are built to mechanically support and connect the various electronic components with one another can be old, non-functional, discarded or unrepairable in most situations. What should any company or organization that want to discard the PCBs do? One of the most efficient ways is to recycle the used PCBs. And both populated as well as non-populated PCBs can be subjected to recycling. There are different kinds of PCBs from smart phones and mobiles that act as excellent recycling materials. Therefore, reducing the size of the PCBs is the major process involving the entire PCB recycling process. Either PCB crusher or PCB shredder is ideal for the purpose of recycling PCBs.

As we have already seen above, there are two important processes that come into play when recycling PCBs: size reduction and metal separation. Maxin India is one of the most reliable brands in India when it comes to recycling e-waste materials. Our PCB shredder is popular in the market owing to its speed, efficiency, robustness, construction features, custom-specifications, ease of use and economy. Therefore, the next time around, when your company or organization is looking to destroy all PCB boards single-handedly for recycling application, you know whom to contact for proper size reduction and metal separation processes of all PCB scrap materials.

5. Electronic Board Shredder:

The mountain pile of electronic or e-waste materials and electrical or electronic equipment including electronic boards discarded this year alone will weigh somewhere around 57 million tonnes, as per an estimate published by research studies, and this is heavier than even the world’s tallest building or construction. Imagine the future that our kids will inherit with the need to dispose all the e-waste and scrap materials, and keep the environment safe and eco-friendly for sustainability. The World Economic Forum, according to a report published in 2019, estimates that the combined material value of all e-waste scrap materials as $62.5 billion (£46 billion), which, as we may know, is more than the GDP of most countries. It is also to be noted that the amount of e-waste generated worldwide has already reached two million tonnes every year. And it’s also estimated that only less than 20 percent of the e-waste materials are collected and subjected to recycling.

We, at Maxin India, are on a mission to improve e-waste product recycling methods, and, as the most effective ways to simplify recycling, have come up with a range of PCB Board Shredder, E-waste Crusher, Mobile phone Shredder, Motherboard Shredder, PCB Board Crusher among others. Touch base with us today if you’re looking to destroy all e-waste scrap materials ejected by your company or organization.

6. End-of-Life Electronics Waste Shredder:

Environmentalists are concerned that the amount of e-waste or end-of-life electronics scrap materials thrown into the landfill sites are growing at an alarming rate without any cap on the amount of material disposed or government regulations on the same. From defective electrical and electronic gadgets to old smartphones, mobiles, computer and mobile accessories and peripherals: the total amount of e-waste that is being generated around the world is staggering. The safest and the most economical way to deal with the challenge, rather the risk, of e-waste materials is to collect, process and recycle them.

Companies, organizations and institutions, both large and small, have realized that the smartest way in dealing with sensitive and confidential data is not actually by storing on external storage devices permanently, but rather destroy them if deemed necessary so as to prevent access by undesirable third-party users, from a data security point of view. This will also invariably lead to more and more storage devices like hard drives of desktops, PCs and laptops, HDDs and hard disks ending up into the landfill sites. It should also be noted that recycling levels too aren’t up to the mark across the world. If what you’re looking for is E-waste Shredding Machine, E-Scrap Shredder, Mixed Electronics scraps shredder or Hard Disk Shredder for shredding e-waste materials, then your search ends right here.

7. Digital Notebook Shredders:

Though the world is more conscious of eco-friendly practices these days, it is time we seriously revisit our use and disposal levels of electrical and electronic equipment through eco-conscious methods. E-waste scrap materials including digital notebooks are growing exponentially thick and fast at a rate of 21 percent during 2014 and 2019, and going by the annual figures of 2 million tons, there requires some deep introspection of the situation at hand.

We, at Maxin India, have designed a range of E-waste Shredders that allows for processing variable quantities of electric and electronic equipment and instruments, with a high level of technological build, flexibility and versatility. All our E-waste shredders are built for the size reduction of e-waste. The main function of industrial shredder lies in processing size reduction, considered the starting point when systems are customized to meet customer specifications and requirements. Our array of equipment designed for the recycling of e-waste materials, if properly aligned with manual intervention and support helps in the recovery of a number of segments of homogeneous materials.

The raw materials recovered from electrical and electronic waste has resulted in a growing amount of electronic material which are fed again into the recycling market. Talk to us now if you’re a company or an organization that needs to handle a large volume of e-waste scrap.

8. Computer Scrap Shredder Machines:

The role of consumers in improving the reuse, recycling and refurbishment of electrical and electronic products including PCs, desktops, laptops and mobile-based devices such as smartphones, tablets and a range of computer and mobile peripherals and accessories is gaining more prominence than ever before. Consequently, it has also lead to consumers making an effort to introspect and alter their consumption patterns and habits, and a significant number of consumers are actively involved in the handling and management of e-waste generation. The drive to promote responsible industry recycling inspired us to design a range of industry shredders for the reduction of size of the e-waste scrap materials and separation of metals from the scrap as part of e-waste processing and management.

Maxin India’s range of e-waste shredding machines provide a flexible solution. We can have our shredding system custom configured making use of tested and proven system modules that meet particular capacity and separation requirements. We can shred any number of mainframe computer systems, desktops and notebooks and can be easily processed alongside telecommunication equipment, military & medical equipment, switching racks, etc. The overall system minimizes and separates component material including aluminium, plastic, steel, copper and precious materials. These materials recovered can then be marketed as commodities. Talk to us for any enquiries regarding shredding of engineering waste materials, and we are duly equipped to handle any volume of e-waste.

9. Motherboard Shredders:

Hardware and product manufacturers all over the world have a greater responsibility of e-waste recycling and reuse management, just like the consumer who is also conscious-bound to deal with e-waste responsibly and efficiently.  Therefore, the product manufacturer should take the lead, followed by the consumer, thereby forming a wider part of the sustainability ecosystem. We, at Maxin India, when plagued by the fact that the amount of e-waste being generated are growing by astronomical figures, we decided to design e-waste shredding machines that function both ways: 1. To reduce the size of the e-waste scrap by reducing it into fragments 2. To separate the precious metal from e-waste as a result of the shredding process.

Here are the primary applications of our industrial shredders:
# Shredding a variety of electronic waste eliminating disassembly
# Efficient processing of huge volumes of e-wastes
# Removal of base metals including copper, aluminium, steel, zinc, copper, etc.
# Recovery of precious metals that are tagged by high value
# Elimination of refurbished electronic products and component from landfill sites

# Safe and secure destruction of refurbished or preloved equipment
# Removal of disposal responsibility of all equipment from the consumers whilst helping the manufacturer replace these products with the latest products available in the marketplace

10. E-Scrap Shredding Machines:

The world is undergoing seismic shifts ecologically due to a number of factors attributed to climatic changes, global warming, etc. Again the question arises to whether we, as the major player in the wider ecosystem, are serious about the alarmingly growing rate of e-waste generated all over the globe. Though there are a lot of factors that either directly or indirectly contribute towards the generation of a high level of e-waste, the most important of them all is the general lack of awareness of their disposable methods.

At Maxin India, we have come up with innovative industrial shredders that make short work of e-waste and scrap materials generated. Our industry shredders provide added size reduction of the electronic equipment that is to be further subjected into a finer grind. The strong pulverizing effect of the system will be completely scouring the electronic media of data while releasing most of the components for a simple and effortless separation, and further recycling. We guarantee that no data can be retrieved by any electronic media after processing through the system. Built to process computer hard drives fast and efficiently, our industry shredder can also process PCBs, mobile & smart phones, CDs, semiconductors and various other accessories of computer and mobile-enabled devices without the need for any system configuration.

11. Automotive Component Shredder:

The world is waking up to a new menace and e-waste in several ways is a big deal. Not only does it pose serious health and environmental hazards, but it is also widespread that it has become a global phenomenon. As it stands now, there is a slim chance of eliminating e-waste completely. But there is still hope left, if you’re probably aware of e waste recycling and management. If you run any business, be it engineering or anything that involves hardware technology, then you might be already facing the problem of management of e-waste. The bigger the scale of your business, the more staff you employ, the more technology and tools you need for your business operation, the more e waste is generated (simple logic!).

We, at Maxin India, manufacture and market industry shredders that bring out the accountability or obligation in every business owner or entrepreneur in the area of e waste recycling. Maxin India can help businesses achieve recycling of e waste in two ways: 1. Reduce the size of the individual items or components when fed into the system for shredding. 2. Separate the valuable metals from the individual items or components while undergoing shredding. Look no further than Maxin India if you’re looking to shred or crush PCB, Automobile Fuel Meter or Digital Fuel Meter. We’re just a click away.

12. Car Electronics Parts Shredder:

If you run any business that involves the use of multiple hardware systems, as a business owner, you become directly responsible for generating e waste as you upcycle your obsolete laptop, desktop or any other tech. Businesses that adopt technology would no doubt tend to have a high tech turnover. Now, if you’re upgrading your hardware every year desktop, PC, laptop, server, mobile, smartphone or computer-and mobile-related accessory or peripherals or take the simplest of e wastes car electronics parts, it is likely that you’re adding to the overall e waste that is already being generated in tonnes and dumped into landfill sites. Though reusability of a product is part of the sustainability process, that’s not everything to it.

Responsible recycling involves reducing the size of the individual items or components through the process of shredding and separating the valuable metals from the individual items or components going through the process. How well you handle this is based on the needs of your company or organization and the measurable outcome you want to achieve. At Maxin India, we manufacture and market industrial shredders that virtually shred any engineering equipment, be it mechanical, electrical and electronics, to the required size, and further process it for recycling.

If you’re looking to shred car electronics parts, automobile electronic parts, desktop, computer, PC, laptop, mobile parts and components or storage devices, your search ends right here at Maxin India.

A combination of factors like growing industrialization, economic prosperity, shorter product lifespans and planned obsolescence by manufacturers has led to increased rates of e waste generation.