Maxin India Hodis

Hodis 500 Dual

used to transform the waste material into biowaste, recycle plastic waste, minimise e-waste transit and are reused in plastic industries.

Hodis 500 Dual

Maxin India GreenT

Hodis 500 Dual shredder capable of handling a variety of materials. It excels at shredding green and organic waste, as well as FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic) waste, making it ideal for composting or disposal. Additionally, the 500 Dual can shred small bones, chicken waste, and fish waste, providing an efficient solution for waste management. Moreover, this shredder can handle paper, books, and corrugated boxes, as well as plastic pouches and raffia bags, offering a comprehensive solution for recycling these materials. Furthermore, the Hodis 500 Dual can process fabric waste, e-waste, small wood pieces, and wood veneer waste, making it suitable for various industrial applications.


Technical Features

We manually design and offer our machines to clients as per their customised demands. Our services includes timely delivery.

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High power motor

Hodis 500 Dual

Each variation of the Hodis 500 Dual comes with a specific power rating and motor size. This affects the shredder's performance and efficiency in shredding various materials. The different power options provide users with choices based on their processing needs and energy efficiency preferences.

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Double Shaft Shredder

Hodis 500 Dual

These blades rotate in opposite directions to efficiently shred materials placed between them.

Double shaft shredders are known for their high throughput capacity and ability to shred a wide range of materials, including plastics, wood, paper, rubber, metal, and more. They are commonly used in recycling, waste reduction, and material recovery applications across various industries.

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Safety Features

Hodis 500 Dual

The basic functionality remains the same across all variations, there may be differences in safety features. Some models may offer additional safety mechanisms or enhanced safety standards, providing users with added protection during operation.


Technical Specification

Machine Specification

  • Height : 1100mm
  • Length : 2840mm
  • Width : 1000mm

Hopper Size

  • Height : 700mm
  • Length : 905mm
  • Width : 740mm
  • Cutter Dia : 200mm
  • Cutting Area : 500mm X 400mm
  • Power : 20 HP (10HP + 10HP) / 30 HP (15HP + 15HP) Motor (3 Phase)
  • Motor : Single
  • Weight : 1500 Kg’s (Approximately)

Materials Can Be Shredded

Green & Organic Waste

FRP Waste

Small Bones

Chicken Waste

Fish Waste

Paper & Books

Corrugated Box

Plastic Paper

Raffia Bags

Fabric Waste


Small Wood

Wood Veneer Waste


Material Result

Plastic Waste Recycling

Material feed with up to two rows of knives guarantees high throughput with low power requirements It can be equipped with hardened steel cutting system and asynchronous shaft control.

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Recycle Image
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